Verreum Czech

Sleek, contemporary, sophisticated.

Welcome to the innovative creations of Verreum Czech, that we have now introduced into our range. This collection carries decorative accessories, lamps, seating furniture, seating tables and tableware. All these exquisite pieces are all thoughtfully designed, bringing unthought of concepts into your interiors.

There is a large team of 20+ designers behind these fabulous products, to explore many design styles and new sources of inspiration. Different designers, different ideas, different inspirations, but still have quality and beautiful design in common. Here are just a very small few of our favorite pieces.

Norma Series by Sebastian Herkner

The Norma Large Bowl in silver designed by Sebastian Herkner is an effortless piece. This fluid design evokes a peaceful emotion. It’s tranquil evokes serenity, making it a soothing peace to look at. The geometrical shapes of Norma Table top set creates an aura around the interiors where they are used. The aura is reflected in the flowers in the vase and the fruits or food in the bowls.

Uru Medium Container by Rony Plesi

The Uru by Rony Plesi combines coloured glass and silvered glass, to create this cute piece. The inspiration is from traditional urushi lacquer objects. The containers come in 3 varied sizes and various colors, with colored glass caps and a metal holder. The piece balances the brown and cream, making for a fun feature pop.

Vetroidi Vase – Medium – Emerald Green by Luca Nichetto

This emerald green crafted Vetroidi Vase is stunning to look at, designed by Luca Nichetto with heart and soul. The passionate design idea came out while thinking about decorative objects that could be eventually implemented with a simple function. Using a distinctive material like the silvered glass, ‘Vetroidi”, a family of characters that seem to come from the space, with simple shapes yet strong personalities, the glass look makes for a reflective piece, adding touches of sheer elegance.

Reverso Series by Sacha Walchoff

This Reverso Series designed by Sacha Walchoff comes in a set of 2, and is a smoke/bronze colored finish constructed of silvered glass and glass. With a blowing cane, master glass-makers pick melting glass from the crucible to lift it up to the skies. Following a complex construction process, such an effortless piece is created with design and beauty. This ballet with pure matter inspired glasses of translucence and silver coated, fun to use in many different surprising ways. The simple colorways and unique reversible design enables countless styling opportunities.

Chado Tea Set by Sebastian Herkner

Live out thay fantasy party with this gorgeous delicate tea set designed by Sebastian Herkner. This Chado Tea Set is designed for the celebration of drinking that sweet, relaxing cup of tea. The origin of its name ‘Chado’ is based on the Japanese designation of a tea ceremony, a ceremony we  would all like to be apart of! It is a set of archaic and simple designed objects consisting of a tea cup, milk jug, tea pot, cookie bowl and a metal tray for the perfect tea meal. The mix of glass, silvered glass and brass make for an array of harmonious shades and tones to add to the soothing vibes that tea gives you.

If you’re looking for that design edge, for something that you just can’t acquire from a regular homewares store, this brand is definitely for you. Whether you are working with a hamptons space, luxury coastal or even a Scandinavian design, these pieces can be perfectly paired and tied in with different shapes, colors and styling techniques.


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