Rometti: The Art of Ceramics

At Designitch, we are constantly growing and expanding our collections, expanding the selection with products and accessories we truly believe have a point of difference. And that is why, we have welcomed this very original brand into our worlds.

Brought all the way from Italy to you, we are excited to bring to you the latest addition to our collection of products, the Rometti range.

Rometti’s production values are based on 90 years uninterrupted activity in the field of artistic ceramics and the continuous search for new technical and aesthetic solutions. There are 10 top designers behind the brilliant designs, but here are just a few to catch a glimpse of the quality of work.

Here we put the spotlight on some of the most outstanding pieces

Baccanti Cup & Baccanti Vase B by Jean-Christopher Clair

The Norma Large Bowl in silver designed by Sebastian Herkner is an effortless piece. This fluid design evokes a peaceful emotion. It’s tranquil evokes serenity, making it a soothing peace to look at. The geometrical shapes of Norma Table top set creates an aura around the interiors where they are used. The aura is reflected in the flowers in the vase and the fruits or food in the bowls.

L’amphora Vases by Ugo La Pietra

Ugo La Pietra graduated architecture at the Polytechnic. Although he is an architect by training, he is also an artist, editor and lecturer, since 1960 he has defined himself as a researcher in the system of communication and visual arts. As a tireless experimenter, he went through different currents (from sign painting to conceptual art, from narrative art to artist cinema).

These two variations of the L’amphora Vases are designed by Ugo La Pietra, carefully crafted with great detail. The unique ceramic vases were designed with the creative intent, that it can be put anywhere to add a touch of art to any room. The contrasting color scheme is tied with bold shapes make for statement pieces.

They channel the perfect combination of straight lines and organic lines, merging different forms of design. The colors also speak a bold contrast, with tribal impression dots, crosses and lines. This gives them strong character, and give that tribal feel a modern take to suit current interior design styles.

Paros Vase C1 by Rometti

Designed by Rometti themselves, this piece is a decorative addition to achieve an elegant atmosphere on any interior. The curved shapes and smooth ceramic materials make for a soothing yet edgy design.

With all this talent, drive and experience gained over the years from all designers, it was nearly impossible to pick just one to show you. Without a doubt, there is nothing but state of the art designs to come from the professional creatives. Their unique design style and strong point of view shines through these pieces we bring to you, leaving a lasting impression for any interior space.


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