Paola C

Another day, another stunning brand added to the Designitch collection.

Our latest collaboration involves Paolo C, a vision that goes beyond the idea of formal design, and proposes a mension of elegance that is out of time and fashion. We love bringing in never seen before designs, ones that rise above the rest and are so original, that they have no competition.

Paolo C came together from professional association between Paola Coin and Aldo Cibic, who began to produce and sell household items or more generally objects that could encourage people encounters. Aldo Cibic immediately became the creative director, designing many objects and at the same time, coordinating the Italian and foreign designers and artists who have generated the current products making up the current collection.


Titus Vase by Jaime Hayon

With different sizes and different colours, be spoilt for choice with this beautiful Titus Vase. Designed by Jaime Hayon for Paola C, it was designed thoughtfully with inspiration and aesthetics in mind. Inspired by the vessels of the Roman Empire, this collection transforms antique references into a celebration of contemporary art.

Adspera II Centrepiece by Chiara Andreatti

An exquisite silver-plated centrepiece has been designed by Chiara Andreatti for Paola C. The Adspera II come together through the inspiration of natural shapes that recall stylized shells. The element that unites all the pieces is a ribbing that, like an engraving in pure shapes, creates dynamic surgaces and folds of minimalist tensions.

Red Moon Series by Elissa Ossino

Red Moon is a copper bowl with handles, designed by Elissa Ossino for Paola C. The creative design intent behind the piece include a collection of pieces inspired by scenic suspension. This brings a peculiar form of lightness to a modern home.

The copper material reflects a sheen finish, embellished with a red touch for an element of surprise. The 3 piece collection come together seamlessly, being able to be displayed as a complete collection or stand alone products.

Gemma Tray by Dominonia and Quaquaro

Designed by Dominonia and Quaquaro for Paola C, the ‘Gemma Tray’ is constructed with grey glass and brass handles. It is an ethereal addition reflecting elegance to a modern home.

The brass handle touches add a high end feel, paired with sophisticated grey class for a contrasting elegance.

Tipi & Tido/ Salt & Pepper by Matteo Cibic

Tipi and Tido are exclusive pieces designed by Matteo Cibic for Paolo C. The unique pieces adds an authentic touch to a modern home, crafted with blown ribbed glass.

The design is playful and fun, whilst remaining sophisticated at the same time. This are truly one of a kind, with a unique character.

We are confident you will love the latest addition to our Designitch collection as much as we do. Is your mind already ticking on how you plan to integrate this unique design in your next space? Ideas are endless!


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