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Louis Vuitton x Designitch

Louis Vuitton x Designitch

This collaboration, between Louis Vuitton & Designitch is a fresh exploration of relationships juxtaposing fashion & furniture.

Through a minimal aesthetic, the editorial showcases the latest Louis Vuitton collection and furniture available at Designitch. Items that we use in an everyday way and often un-purposely combine together, are shown in a contrasting perspective exploring their functional boundaries.

Their position creates something unexpected yet inspiring. High end fashion and furniture reinvents itself by being placed in a new context. 

Just like Louis Vuitton, Designitch is proud of its unique style and use of high quality materials, which blend together perfectly. The editorial is characterized by intense shadows and earth tones that make it all come to life. Practical becomes stylish and the featured items explore the possibilities beyond their original function.

In Partnership with Esquire Middle East.


Furniture featured in the editorial:

AYTM Angui Bench

&Tradition Pavilion Dining Chair

Bontempi Casa Mila Dining Chair

Nude Glass Mist Vase Clear 

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