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Triple Game Box - Slated

AED 4,627

The "Ludica" game box from GioBagnara offers three games in one: dominoes, checkers and chess. The leather lid, when turned on its back, serves as the game surface, and is also made of leather. The checkers and chess game pieces and figures are made of boxwood, the dominoes of Bakelite. Four leather pouches provide a secure and tidy place to keep the different pieces.
The Italian manufacturer GioBagnara produces exclusive home accessories and small items of furniture of high-quality leather. GioBagnara manufactures its products by hand and exclusively in Italy.

Size & Dimensions:
cm l39 x w39 x h8

Walnut, leather

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Made in Italy.
In the late Nineties, after noticing that leather from the fashion industry was not considered enough as material for home accessories, he founded GIOBAGNARA with the goal of applying it to a complete collection.

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