Shahrazad Rug

AED 6,075

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Shahrazad Rug

AED 6,075
Size & Dimensions: cm. l200 x w150
cm. l200 x w150
cm. l300 x w200
cm. l300 x w240
cm. l360 x w270
cm. l400 x w300
Composition: 50% Wool - 50% Silk
50% Wool - 50% Silk
20% Wool - 80% Silk
Version: A
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cm. l200 x w150 / 50% Wool - 50% Silk / A /

Size & Dimensions: cm. l200 x w150

Composition: 50% Wool - 50% Silk

Version: A

Editor's Note
Modern, minimalist design, with floral and geometric motifs in keeping with the latest fashion trends, characterises the rugs making up this collection. Proposals with ironic and provocative forms and decorations, inspired by art or nature, and emphasised by the rich range of brilliant vegetal colours. Whether black or white, delicate hues or shocking colours, the chromatic appeal of these rugs is irresistible. The rugs in this line are an inexhaustible source of wonder, playing with texture to unleash pure creativity. Size & Dimensions:Options available. Material:Wool and silk.
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Shahrazad RugShahrazad Rug
Illulian Shahrazad Rug
AED 6,075
Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Illulian, a historic and prestigious brand, is internationally renowned in the field of design and custom handmade rugs. It continues to evolve through a process of uninterrupted growth, participating in great projects and collaborating with prestigious figures in the world of architecture, design, and fashion.

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