Onyx of Cerim Slim Tile

by CerimSKU: 199839

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Onyx stone in all its voluptuous and precious shades. Onyx of Cerim, with its four color variations, leads to delicate environments from distance places.  A refined style and shades of warm white instill purity into the ambiance. Its elegance is also brought out by the large sizes that allow suggestive and highly appealing environments to be created.  Size & Dimensions:  Options available.
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Onyx of Cerim Slim TileOnyx of Cerim Slim Tile
Cerim Onyx of Cerim Slim Tile Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Versatile, dynamic, fresh, Cerim products free your creativity to give shape to your spaces. Porcelain stoneware surfaces designed to finish any domestic environment based on your style and your personality.

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