Metamorfosi Slim Tile

by CeditSKU: 199593

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Memory of Cerim SlimThe range of metals. The patina of time. Material with a new, natural identity. The snapshot of a metamorphosis. Calibrating the desired grade of browning, the quantity and arrangement of the rust traces, stains and abrasions, the exceptional colours of the metals are brought to life thanks to the properties of ceramic, used to launch a collection of elegant and modern surface finishes. Representing the material state in which the perfect grade of metallic oxidation is reached, “Metamorfosi” achieves an aesthetic result that the author – appropriately – defines as the visual transfiguration of the “patina of time”.  Size & Dimensions:  Options available.
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Italian ceramic tiles that have shaped history. The culture of beauty, art, architecture and design are part of CEDIT's DNA.

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