Euridice Slim Tile

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The sign in all its essence. Raw canvas. The mystery and poetry of painting. Art that inhabits space. The distinctive traits of the “Euridice” collection, in their apparent simplicity, embody an extraordinary and bar-setting complexity stemming from the history of painting, even including the memory of the gesture taught by the Paleolithics. If it is true that “the past is not a father to be killed but a mother from whom to draw nourishment”, the poetry of this series of elegant ceramics proposes a sublime use of porcelain stoneware which, assimilated to a rough canvas, defines a work that is at the same time partial and infinite. Size & Dimensions:  Options available.
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Euridice Slim TileEuridice Slim Tile
Cedit Euridice Slim Tile Ships in 6-8 Weeks
Italian ceramic tiles that have shaped history. The culture of beauty, art, architecture and design are part of CEDIT's DNA.

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