Cromatica Slim Tile

by CeditSKU: 199565

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The expressive code of colour. The past that inspires the present.A lexicon of colour shades for mixing. A large size and its submultiples. Available in six encoded colours and two complementary surface finishes – matt and glossy – the “Cromatica” collection brings out a sensitive and original reflection in the domination of pure colour. The large porcelain stoneware glazed sheets are fields where the chromatic quotient in pastel shades, softly mixed together and rich in variations of intensity, comes through in a multiplication of apparently infinite shades. In addition to being kept in its large size, the sheet can also be cut down to smaller sizes, making it an open and versatile collection. Size & Dimensions:  Options available.
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About the Brand

Italian ceramic tiles that have shaped history. The culture of beauty, art, architecture and design are part of CEDIT's DNA.

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