Aura A7 Sideboard

by TrekuSKU: 167956
AED 8,390

Aura A7 Sideboard

by TrekuSKU: 167956
AED 8,390
Left Cabinets (2) Finish: White
Right Cabinet Finish: White Lacquered MDF
White Lacquered MDF
Graphite Lacquered MDF
Light Grey Lacquered MDF
Compartment Finish: White Lacquered MDF
White Lacquered MDF
Vanilla Lacquered MDF
Yellow Lacquered MDF
Ochre Lacquered MDF
Pink Lacquered MDF
Salmon Lacquered MDF
Terracotta Lacquered MDF
Blackberry Lacquered MDF
Moss Green Lacquered MDF
Aquamarine Lacquered MDF
Sky Lacquered MDF
Sapphire Lacquered MDF
Light Grey Lacquered MDF
Mink Lacquered MDF
Gunmetal Grey Lacquered MDF
Graphite Lacquered MDF
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Left Cabinets (2) Finish
Right Cabinet Finish
Compartment Finish
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Editor's Note
The new tall cylindrical metal legs make the sideboards both practical and aesthetically pleasing, perfect for enhancing your entrance hall. The new Dark Sega oak with its hyper-natural finish, new matt lacquer colours and new design, featuring double front drawers and recessed pulls, lend a flavour of its own, as special as the rest of the collection.  Size & Dimensions:cm w212 x d47 x h77.  Material:Wood frame, metal legs.
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Living room, dining room and bedroom furniture which bring together contemporary and traditional trends with details which take us back to other eras.

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